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PlasmaEPG's registered license is personal and it covers all future versions of the program. A registered license can be used in all compatible Topfield and Procaster set-top-boxes within a household.

The license costs 15e (vat 24%) (tax free price is 12,10e) and it can be purchased using bank transfer or PayPal. People living outside European Union can purchase the license tax free.

How do I order a license?

Step 1 / 2:

Alternative 1: Bank transfer

  Name: Plasmatec
  Bank: OP
  IBAN: FI54 5800 1320 3627 58
  Message: PlasmaEPG license
<Your email address>
  Amount: 15e (vat 24%)
(Within EU)
(Outside EU)

Alternative 2: Payment to PayPal-account

Select your home region

Step 2 / 2:

After payment  you have to make an order using the form below:

  Product: PlasmaEPG lifetime license
  * Name:
Program will be registered to this name.
  * Email:
License key will be sent to this email address.
  * Address:
  * Postal code:
  * City:
  * Country:
  * Payment type:
  Payer name:
Filled only if different than the name above.

All fields marked with * are mandatory.

When paid using bank transfer, the delivery time is usually 3 - 6 working days. Orders that are paid using PayPal are usually delivered within 3 days.

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